Seikukan Ken Dojo

Norwich Kendo Club

Welcome to the Seikukan Ken Dojo Website.

There has been a kendo club in Norwich for at least thrity years. At the club we practice Kendo (fencing) and Iaido (the art of swrod drawing). More information about each of these arts can be found on the relevent pages.

We currently train at the Sewell College Sports Centre every Monday (Iaido) and Tuesday (Kendo). More information can be found on our training page.

We normally advise any prospective students to come along to one of our Iaido or Kendo sessions to have a look at look at the lesson and make sure it is right for you! Before / after the lesson you'll be able to ask us questions about costs, what equipment you'll need and how to join.

We are members of the British Kendo Association, and have three qualified coaches.